Human Rights Complaints

For any employer experiencing a human rights complaint and investigation for the first time, the potential invasiveness of the investigation and the protracted time period over which it can take place, can prove daunting.

Taylor MacLellan Cochrane has the experience and expertise to help employers through the investigation process and respond and cooperate with the Human Rights Commission in ways that encourage early resolution where at all possible. More importantly, Taylor MacLellan Cochrane is able to help employers reduce the likelihood of attracting human rights complaint by educating our business clients in the provisions of the Human Rights Act.

The Act prohibits discrimination in respect of: the provision of access to services or facilities; accommodation; the purchase or sale of property; employment; volunteer public service; a publication, broadcast or advertisement; membership in a professional association, business or trade association, employers organization or employees organization. The Act further specifies the prohibited grounds of discrimination to include: age, race, colour, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, an irrational fear of contracting an illness or disease, ethnic, national or aboriginal origin, family status, marital status or source of income. In order to found a human rights complaint against an employer for example, an employee must bring his or her complaint within one of the specified grounds.

Employers in Nova Scotia have a duty to accommodate disability up to the point of undue hardship. Knowing what the law expects of the employer and what the limits of undue hardship are, is not always easy to determine. Taylor MacLellan Cochrane assists both public employers, not for profit societies, volunteer groups as well as small and medium sized businesses, navigate through the human rights law and, more specifically, the complaint process which is laid out in the Human Rights Act.


The Taylor MacLellan Cochrane Human Rights Complaints Law Team can be contacted by e-mail at TMC Human Rights Complaints or visit the Contact page for information on how to contact them by phone, fax, mail or to find out where our office is located.


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