Administrative Law

Administrative Law regulates the actions of government or public officials or bodies.

The Tayor MacLellan Cochrane Administrative Law Team provides advice and representation to those who require assistance regarding any decisions made by government officials or by any Boards, Tribunals, or Regulatory Agencies. This includes Appeals and Judicial Review of administrative decisions, defending clients, and assisting clients with complaints.

Our goal is to provide quality advice and representation on a timely basis to clients that require assistance to avoid legal problems and to solve existing legal problems. Our Administrative Law Team is capable of assisting clients with any Administrative Law issue.

Some examples of Boards and Tribunals before which members of our Administrative Law Team have appeared, or in relation to which we have advised clients, include:

Nova Scotia

  • Tribunal Boards pursuant to the Expropriation Act
  • Labour Standards Tribunal
  • Human Rights Boards of Inquiry
  • College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia
  • Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists
  • Social Assistance Appeal Board
  • Utility Review Board
  • Workers' Compensation Appeals Tribunal
  • Residential Tenancies Board
  • Occupational Health and Safety Appeals Panel
  • Appeal Boards pursuant to the Education Act
  • Dental Review Board
  • Atlantic Fisheries License Appeal Board
  • National Products Marketing Counsel
  • Municipal Zoning Boards


  • Human Resources Development Canada (Canada Labour Code; Employment Insurance Act)
  • Canada Pension Plan Review Tribunal and Pension Appeals Board
  • Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (Income Tax Act)


The Taylor MacLellan Cochrane Administrative Law Team can be contacted by e-mail at TMC Administrative Law or visit the Contact page for information on how to contact them by phone, fax, mail or to find out where our office is located.


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