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Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a phrase that refers to the process of attempting to resolve disputes outside of the courts. This can be done even if a court case has been started. The most well known of these alternatives are arbitration and mediation. All of the Taylor MacLellan Cochrane litigation lawyers are knowledgeable about and advise clients regarding arbitration and mediation as an alternative to the court process. In addition, we constantly attempt to assist clients in solving problems and disputes by a process that is not as costly and does not take as long as the courts.

The Taylor MacLellan Cochrane Alternate Dispute Resolution Law Team is available to advise or consult with you regarding the arbitration or mediation process and to assist you in determining whether that process would be appropriate for the dispute situation you are facing. We can be engaged by you to represent only your interests as you move through the arbitration or mediation process with a mediator or arbitrator who has been agreed upon between you and the other side of your dispute.


The Taylor MacLellan Cochrane Alternate Dispute Resolution Law Team can be contacted by e-mail at TMC Alternate Dispute Resolution Law or visit the Contact page for information on how to contact them by phone, fax, mail or to find out where our office is located.


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