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A Will is a legal document that describes how you want your assets ("your estate") distributed after your death. The process leading to the eventual drafting of a Will for you is called "estate planning". The estate planning process and the preparation of a Will is for everyone and not just those with a lot of money or a lot of investments or assets. A person who dies without a Will (dies "intestate") will have his or her property (land, money, vehicle, personal belongings, etc.) distributed by law according to the Intestate Succession Act of Nova Scotia.

The estate planning process and the preparation of your Will also involves the selection and appointment of an Executor or Executrix. This a person you appoint to look after your estate and the distribution of your assets after your death. If you do not appoint an Executor in a Will then the Probate Act of Nova Scotia sets out a list of those (spouse, heirs, creditors, etc.) who can apply to take over the administration of your estate following your death.

The estate planning process also reviews your need for an enduring Power of Attorney, a legal document that allows an appointed person to make legal and financial decisions on your behalf. In addition, the estate planning process includes the use of a Personal Directive. This is a document that appoints a person to make medical and personal care decisions for you at a time when you are unable to make those decisions for yourself and sets out your wishes for palliative care.

In short, estate planning and Will preparation is important for everyone. The estate planning/Wills team at Taylor MacLellan Cochrane has many years of combined experience in providing estate planning advice and in drafting Wills, powers of attorney and personal directives for a broad range of clients. Our lawyers can work confidentially with you and, where appropriate, your accountant and/or financial advisor to provide you with a Will that will be simple and straight forward, if that is what you should have based on your circumstances, or one that is more complex in order to take into account business and financial planning strategies.

Too often the estate planning process is put aside because we are uncomfortable discussing our eventual death and the distribution of our assets. It is always easier to put off these thoughts until a later date or when we get older or when we get sick. Unfortunately, that may be too late. Let our estate planning and Wills professionals help you to ensure that your assets are properly managed and distributed after your death. Call one of our estate planning lawyers or Wills lawyers to start this process now.


The Taylor MacLellan Cochrane Wills and Estate Planning Team can be contacted by e-mail at TMC Wills and Estate Planning Law or visit the Contact page for information on how to contact them by phone, fax, mail or to find out where our office is located.



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